2012 Wedding Trends and Design Inspiration

Here at the beautiful Riverside Cottage Fall is in the air, which means Spring is only 6 months away!  Yes, the calls are rolling in for next years bookings and consultations have started. We’re looking ahead to Spring for the bride’s that have begun to book their wedding venue for 2012.

There’s been a lot of prediction of what will be hot for 2012. So we thought we would start offering sneak peaks at all the top trends.  So, if you’re planning a wedding in 2012 here’s what you need to know if you want your wedding to be haute.

2012 is the year of Romance. From the dress to the decor, think – dreamy, sentimental, love.

Here’s some inspiration to draw from.

More traditional and less modern than in years past, 2012 wedding trends feature a strong vintage appeal that adds to the romanticism of the wedding day.  The growing trend of DIY (do-it-yourself) weddings has exploded, giving couples the opportunity to personalize their weddings while saving money. Romantic weddings are here to stay, moving away from stuffy indoor venues in favor of natural, rustic locations

Bridal Gowns – What says romance more than ruffles, flowers, beaded belts and lace.

Full-Scale Themes – Much more than just a color palette, themes are carried through from the invitations to the flowers to the linens to the dessert. Some popular themes include: Vintage, Rustic & Nautical. But creativity knows no bounds, so choose a theme that reflects your personality & let “you” shine through in the details.

Outdoor Venues – Natural settings are hugely popular for the beauty and ambiance that they provide & the minimal decor that is required. Popular outdoor venues include: Riversides, Vineyards, Gardens & Farms.


Dessert Tables –  Today, brides and grooms are showcasing their favorite desserts at their receptions. From pies to cupcakes to cookies, it’s a buffet of beautifully displayed flavors and options for your guests.

Good Night Station – Couples now are combining food and favor into a fun, interactive station for their guests.  Buffets of pastries, doughnuts or candy, provide guests with a favor bag to go.

Faux Flower Decor – Whether paper, fabric, tissue or feathers; Bouquets, centerpieces & pomander balls aren’t just made from fresh flowers anymore and are used in non-traditional ways.

Personalized DIY decor – This is not a new trend but continues strong as many brides are getting crafty to showcase their personality & theme and save some money.  The creativity is in using ‘found’ and natural elements to create centerpieces, escort cards, guest book alternatives, swizzle sticks, table numbers & decor.


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